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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Very helpful code

[SC7E52]Impossible To Get Account Hopped (Black Ops) [Seth@WiiPlaza/T.B.W]
28200F40 7FFF8000
80000003 80D9C657
8A00043F 00BDF8E0
80000003 80D9C772
8A00043F 00BDF8E4
04BDF8E8 8095E660
80000003 80D9C780
8A00043F 00BDF8EC
80000003 80DF5955
8A00043F 00BDF8F0
80000003 80DF5A44
8A00043F 00BDF8F4
80000003 80E65062
8A00043F 00BDF8F8
80000003 80E64F22
8A00043F 00BDF8F8
80000003 80E64FA9
8A00043F 00BDF8FC
80000003 80E6508C
8A00043F 00BDF900
80000003 8002CB9C
8A00043F 00BDF904
E0000000 80008000
28200F40 7FFF8000
80000003 802D0AD0
8A00043F 00C7E920
80000003 802D0AEC
8A00043F 00C7E924
80000003 809AA00B
8A00043F 00C7E928
80000003 809AA127
8A00043F 00C7E92C
80000003 809AA1E5
8A00043F 00C7E930
80000003 80B0EB00
8A00043F 00C7E934
80000003 8000C20C
8A00043F 00C5BE40
80000003 80C5D0AC
8A00043F 00C5BE44
80000003 80D00656
8A00043F 00C5BE70
80000003 80000000
8A00043F 00C5BE74
E0000000 80008000
28200F40 7FFF8000
0422E8FC 6675636B
0422E900 20636F64
0422E904 656C6561
0422E908 6B657273
0422E930 77696970
0422E934 6C617A61
0422E938 20697320
0422E93C 62657374
E0000000 80008000
*Bugs: You can't join friends unless they invite you

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