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Monday, April 2, 2012

Ultimate UAV v.2 [ropers/savage/metasmash/smash/Grinch]
054C3FD8 00000000
054C5938 00000000
054C7068 00000000
054C4198 01000000
054C70D8 01000000
054C6F18 01000000
054C71B8 01000000
0552B2D0 00006C80
054C60A8 3A83126F
054C6118 3FC00000
054C59A8 3FC00000
054C6F88 47C34F80
054C6FF8 47C34F80
054C61F8 47C34F80
054C40B8 495BBA00
04EBAF24 00000000
04AA4E70 000000FF
04423AA4 60000000
043C6488 60000000
04476C18 60000000
F6000001 80008100
C0A40008 C0C4000C
14000020 60000000
E0000000 80008000
Not blocked by jammers or counter-UAV, also has no flash/concussion.

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